Rescue Cat Loves A Bath, But Loves His Brother Even More

Posted in Cat Stories - Last Updated: November 25, 2022 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Stories 
Last Updated: November 25, 2022  
Author:  Jan Travell

When Sara first adopted Marvin from the shelter, she had no idea about his obsession.

Unlike a lot of cats, this delightful kitty's favorite past time is having a bath!

marvin in bath

As well as his obsession with water, he loves spending time with his brother, cuddling with his humans and taking care of his beauty sleep regime.

Marvin also enjoys acting like Spider-Man or should I say Spider-Cat!

spider cat

Sara lives with her fiance, and six months after their cat Margie (below) crossed over the rainbow bridge they decided it was time to get another kitty.


When they arrived at the shelter they were instantly drawn towards Marvin and Harry, mainly because Marvin was trying to climb out of the cage so he could get closer to them.

Harry on the other hand was in the corner hissing and swatting at them.

marvin at window

Sara told We Love Cats and Kittens:

"I actually wanted to take Harry home and shower him in love to warm his little heart but my fiance said if we were getting another cat he wanted one that also wanted him (lol)."

They really only wanted to adopt one cat as they felt that their apartment was too small.

marvin 1

"I had never had more than one animal I was responsible for. Plus we live in a small apartment and we were saving for our wedding. We just didn't think two cats was right for us."

The staff assured them that Harry would soon settle down and it wouldn't take long for him to get adopted. So home they went with Marvin.

marvin in sink

But two months later they discovered that Harry still hadn't been adopted, this news touched their hearts deeply.

Sara recalls:

"After a little under 2 months, my fiance came to me and said I'm going to regret telling you this but no one has adopted Harry. I started to cry and he knew that by telling me, we were immediately going back & adopting him."

cats on sofa

When they brought Harry home for the first time Marvin was delighted to be reunited with his litter-mate.

And since then the boys have been inseparable! They spend almost all of their time together and love getting involved in all sorts of mischief.

2 cats box

Harry is still shy and can be a little skittish at times, but he is slowly opening up.

And Marvin? Well Marvin has his own thing, his crazy obsession with water!

marvin bath

It all began when he followed Sara into the bathroom one day and saw her running a bath.
He was curious enough to jump straight in and at the disbelief of Sara took an immediate liking to it!

Sara says that he tries to steals their baths too!

Now he regularly enjoys his OWN bath time and is provided with lots of things to amuse and stimulate him.

Soap bubbles, plenty of toys including rubber ducks and swimming fish, and would you believe rose petals!

rose petal bath

This delightful kitty certainly lives his life to the full.

But the thing that's most important to him is the love he has for his brother Harry and his loving parents.

brother cats

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