Stray Cats Stairway to Warmth and Love

There are millions of stray animals that roam our world looking for food and a place to sleep. What do they do when the weather gets cold? They have to find shelter somewhere, or they may die.

Fortunately there are lots of kind hearted people that do what they can to help these creatures in need. Şebnem Ilhan is a dentist in Tekirdag, Turkey and she has a big heart for homeless animals and tries to offer help every time she sees one. She decided to build a ‘cat ladder’ for the local strays so they could find refuge and food in her home.

ladder 1

She even decorated it with flowers so it would look pretty and inviting to her neighbors.

ladder 2
The ladder is approximately 2 metres long allows the cats to enter her home via the window where they are fed and protected from the cold.

ladder 3

When she’s not pulling teeth, Şebnem spends her time caring for the stray animals in her area. “I try to help all the animals that I can find as much as I can,” she explains.

ladder 4

So far around 10 cats have made their way up the ladder and found shelter but the number grows every day.

ladder 5

“I don’t think I have done much at all. I try to make a difference for the animals that I touch and see,”Şebnem said. “This world is not just for us people.”

ladder 6

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