Stray Kitten Sneaks into Pizza Shop and Demands to be Adopted

Posted in Cat Stories - Last Updated: April 20, 2020 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Stories 
Last Updated: April 20, 2020  
Author:  Jan Travell

A little stray calico kitten snuck into a shop, chose her forever human and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Meet Ratbag the Vandal!


Dave from Australia runs a pizza shop and one day he had an unexpected visitor. A little stray kitten had managed to sneak into his shop by slipping under the back gate of his yard. Once inside she was determined to stay.

“I wasn’t planning on having a cat adopt me, and she was not prepared to go away,” Dave told Love Meow. “She looked lost, frightened and nervous due to all the strange noises and smells.”

She was a plucky little thing because after a few minutes she approached Dave looking for some much needed attention. “I popped her up on my shoulder, and she felt at home right away. She started rubbing against my ears and the back of my neck and purring.”


She appeared so thankful, she finally felt safe, here she had found a human friend and wasn’t going to give him up.

Dave realised that this little kitten might belong to someone and may have just got lost, he tried to get her to follow him out of the shop but she refused. So he went around the neighbourhood to see if anybody was missing a kitten but nobody came forward and that’s when he realised that he was probably going to have to take her home with him.


Once home, Dave reached out on social media in the hope of finding her a good home but as soon as the little one had flopped down onto his lap she fell straight to sleep. “She has decided she is staying, and who could argue with that little face,” Dave said. “Now she is employed full time in our newly created finger chewing and cuteness team!”


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He decided to name her Ratbag the Vandal and took her to the vet to be checked out, micro-chipped and vaccinated. The vet said that she didn’t appear to be a feral kitten so had probably been abandoned.

This delightful calico definitely chose the right shop to sneak into, she no longer has to wander the streets and has found the perfect shoulder to perch on – attached to her favourite human of course.



She loves to help out Dave whenever she can, especially when he’s on the computer, Dave calls her his purr-sonal supervisor!


She quickly became the boss of the house and has her very own castle made of a mountain of pillows. “I have a kitten obstacle course in a storeroom that she enjoys. She loves playing with dog toys, and sleeps either next to me as a furry hot water bottle or on a pillow beside or behind my head.”


Dave never expected to be chosen by a little kitten who strayed her way into his shop, but now he wouldn’t have it any other way. “She’s the staunchest, toughest kitten on the block!”


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