There’s a New Grumpy Cat on the Block and Her Name is Kitzia

Grumpy Cat shot to fame in 2012, her “grumpy” expression wowed everyone and she became one of the Internet’s original meme-makers and viral cats.

Sadly, she passed over the rainbow bridge last year in the arms of her owner following complications from a urinary tract infection.

But she left a legacy for future feline influencers, especially those that have naturally frowny faces.

Scroll down to meet Kitzia. The new grumpy cat on the block!


Just like many of the grumpy cats before her, Kitzia is a sweet kitty with friendly personality that doesn’t reflect the natural scowl on her face.


Kitzia lives in Florida with Viktoriia, who just happens to be a professional photographer – the pair make a great team so it’s no surprise that Kitzia’s Instagram page has over 83,000 followers.



Viktoriia created Kitzia’s Instagram profile two years ago and has been sharing photos and videos of her frowny kitty ever since.



For those who are wondering, the name Kitzia actually means kitty in Viktoriia’s native tongue, she moved from the Ukraine to the United States six years ago.



Kitzia’s distinctive face has entranced all that see her, and she’s received endless compliments for her looks on social media.


Even though she is referred to as the new ‘grumpy cat’ we think she has a special look that is all hers.


In one of the videos we can see Kitzia looking particularly bothered while her owner scratches the top of her head, Viktoriia posted it with  the caption “When you are a kid and your relatives haven’t seen you for a while.”

You can see more of Katzia on her Instagram page.


All images @grumpy_kitzia

Source: boredpanda

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