40+ Cats/Kittens Rescued from Hoarding House

WARNING: This video contains disturbing footage so viewer discretion is advised.

The Cole and Marmalade team rescued over 40 cats and kittens from a hoarding situation in Northern Illinois. Chris explains: “We’ll never know the full story, but the landlord said these cats had been abandoned by their owner 8 months ago … We feel that this situation had been going on for much longer, I’m just glad we were notified and managed to pull off this rescue and get the cats and kittens help!”

Chris and the team did a marvellous job in capturing all the cats who were living in these terrible conditions. It is hard to fathom that someone would leave so many cats to fend for themselves, Chris and the team are true heroes and have given all of these cats the chance of leading a better life.

You can make a donation here: https://www.gofundme.com/cat-house-rescue-mission
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