6 Things Your Cat is Saying to You

Jackson Galaxy has dedicated his life to promoting a compassionate world for all animals and is a confirmed cat lover.

In this video he shows us how you can strengthen the bond between you and your cat by being able to read their body language. This can lead to better communication which in turn will improve your relationship.

And one thing in particular that Jackson always stresses is that your cat’s body language is very different than your dog’s!
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Here’s another great Jackson video “You’re petting your cat all wrong!”

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Connie J. Casella - January 29, 2016

My cat, Georgie bites when I pet him!!! Rickie doesn't bite so I pet him more often! Rickie is my baby! He sleeps on my arm and loves to be petted! Georgie sleeps on top of me sometimes. Or next to me or my leg. Oh, and Georgie eats paper, plastic and cardboard! Georgie is a little older than Rickie. I had Georgie first. Then I got Rickie. Georgie came from a litter of kittens. Rickie came from the SPCA. They play, sleep and fight together!

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