A Stray Sick Kitten Walked Into Family’s Life

When a family came home from church one day, they could hear crying coming from their kitchen door. When they opened the door they discovered a little tabby cat that obviously hadn’t eaten for some time.

This kind family did the right thing and gave her food and water along with plenty of loving. From the moment the cat was found it seemed that she was where she wanted to be, she wasn’t scared of anyone there which is unusual for a stray, she had decided that this was the family for her so they named her Amelia.

The family weren’t sure if she would survive because of the way she looked. They knew that something was wrong so they took her the vet to be examined. It didn’t go as they hoped and the vet sent them home with a “grim prognosis” saying that Amelia had very little hope of survival.

They thought that she probably had cancer, maybe an autoimmune disease and was severely anaemic. This family lived holistically, so they put Amelia on a strict, organic diet, gave her plenty of supplements, minerals and vitamins.

Before long they began to see an improvement and when they went back to the vet about four weeks later, after looking over her paperwork the vet couldn’t believe that it was the same cat. She explained that Amelia was completely fine, there wasn’t even any trace of anaemia.

Amelia is now the princess of the house and the family believe she is living her best life.

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