Abandoned and Abused Cats Get a Second Chance in Life at Amazing Cat Sanctuary

Abandoned and abused cats find a second chance in life at this amazing animal sanctuary in South Florida.

Angelico Cat Rescue allows all rescues freedom to roam indoors and outdoors, there is an amazing peaceful catio that connects directly to the house where the cats can hang out, watch the birds and feel safe.

“Our mission at Angelico Cat Rescue is an enduring one. To refresh the world on the importance of caring for our animals. Inspire moments of optimism and happiness when animals are rescued and cared for and insuring they have a safe and happy life.”

“We wish to create value and make a difference. To rescue abandoned, abused and injured animals whether they are large or small; rehabilitate them, have them vaccinated, spayed or neutered; and find them loving adoptive homes.”

Watch the video:

Visit their website to find out more or make a donation: Angelico Cat Rescue/Facebook

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