Able the ‘Kangaroo Cat’ Gets Around on Two Legs

Able is a 5 year old male tabby/white cat with green eyes. When he was a year old, he received an electric shock. This happened when he was trying to chase a bird on the roof of an apartment and he accidentally touched an electric transformer.

As a result of the electric shock Able lost his tail and his rectum was very badly burned and damaged. His front legs were also very badly damaged and had to be amputated by a vet. After Able lost his tail and 2 front legs, he would use his forehead to try to walk with his back legs. It took a long time for Able to walk without his front legs.

able 1
Able’s sibling Finfin somehow lost the use of her back legs. They make the purr-fect couple and as you will see in this delightful video, their disabilities don’t stop them living their lives to the full!

able 2

You can see more of Able and Finfin on Instagram

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