Adorable Kitten That Sleeps Like He’s Done With Life

A kitten on Instagram has been catching the attention of “netizens” all over the world just by the way he sleeps.

Chata from Japan is only two-and-a-half months old and he’s already gone viral on the Internet. As you can see he lays flat on his back without a care in the world.

With a blissful and satisfied look on his face, his must be having some sweet and happy dreams.

Many people have been worried about how Chata gets up after sleeping like this, but given how often he does it, maybe that’s not a problem.

When he’s not sleeping like an angel, Chata often gets up to mischief. On the same Instagram account is Chata’s big sister, Chava, who is nine months old.

Like most little brothers, Chata gets on his big sister’s nerves and sometimes receives a good scolding, but in the end they love each other.

If you want to know more about Chata’s antics along with his sister, you can follow them on Instagram.

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