Armchair Fan – Simon’s Cat

Armchair Fan – Simon’s Cat

Do you have a kitty that likes to steal your seat when you get up? I do, it’s usually the chair in my office and even though she has her own chair next to mine so she can sit with me while I work, pretty much every time I leave the room, on my return there she is, acting like she’s been there for ages and when I try to move her she attaches herself to the seat and becomes a dead weight.

In this hilarious episode of Simon’s Cat, that is exactly what happens. Simon is watching the football and his cat acts as if he wants his human’s attention, but really it’s all a ploy because he’s after the seat! I think Simon Tofield, the creator of Simon’s Cat, has totally captured what life is like with a cat and even though at times they can be a complete pain, we wouldn’t be without them.

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