Black and White Kittens Welcome an Oddball Orphan to Their Family

In a country house that doubles as an animal sanctuary, lives all manner of creatures big and small, domestic and wild. It’s a rescue center that helps all domestic and farm animals in need a loving home wild animals rehabilitation before their eventual release. Ruling the roost at this creature haven, are of course the cats! We meet Ruby, a rescue cat that has been a special room in the barn because she’s just given birth to a litter of four black and white kittens.

But in this rescue home with it’s eclectic menagerie of animals, the new born kittens aren’t the only ones wearing black and white. There’s a tiny baby skunk named Duke, he was rescued just days after the kittens were born and being an orphan, loving mom Ruby took him in as one of her own. But there’s one kitten that isn’t quite so quick to welcome the newcomer, little Moo realizes there’s competition for mom’s attention and doesn’t take too kindly to the new addition in their family.

Click here to meet a farm cat that nursed six baby orphaned skunks!

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