Blind Cat Wants To See His Mom

A man discovered a stray mother cat and her kittens were living in his back yard. Sadly he noticed that one of the kittens had something covering his eyes. It looked like a big scab and because of this the kitten can’t find his way to his mother’s milk. So the man decided to put out some wet food because he looked very scrawny, but all the other kittens found the bowl except for him. The kitten then lost his way, bumping in to everything around him, the scab was completely covering his eyes. We hear the mother cat calling him but he doesn’t know which direction to go. It was time to call in an expert to rescue and help this tiny ginger kitty.

The mother cat is very alert and obviously very protective of her kitten so it’s not an easy task. So they aromatherapy to relax the mother and eventually she relaxes and moves away from her kittens to lie on a pillow full of herbs. The vet now has the chance to rescue the little one and begin his examination. The infection is bad and the vet carefully peels off the scab to discover that the kittens corneas are seriously damaged. The only thing to do now is to take him to the surgery to better determine the situation and see whether surgery is necessary.

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