Blind Dog Adopts Orphaned Kittens And Raises Them As Her Own

A blind foster dog became a loving mom to a litter of kittens. So three teeny orphaned kittens found the mother they so desperately needed. When a family found the kittens and took them in, they were still too young to open their eyes. That was when they decided to introduce them to their dog, she had sadly lost her sight due to cataracts. Surprisingly, the kittens immediately nuzzled into the dog’s fur and tried to nurse.

This caring blind dog provided them with warm tongue baths and gave them the love they needed at such a young age. The kittens ended up growing big and strong, thanks to their foster mom’s love and care. This is proof that love has no boundaries and both the kittens and the dog gave and received plenty of love and attention just at the right time. Hopefully one day the human race will act exactly the same.

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