Blind Kitten Meets Her New Dad And Immediately Falls In Love

A stray kitten was brought to the Domestic Animal Rescue Group in Cape Town, South Africa. Holy is a volunteer with the organization and she gladly accepted the job of fostering the kitty in her home and named her June.

It was already determined that June was blind and Holly was fine with that. Little June wandered around the house, mapping out the layout of her new surroundings.


Soon she was running up and down the length of the house just like any other cat. Holly fostered June for several months and she totally fell in love with her during that time.

Not only was June full of energy, she craved love from everyone she met.


Not long after, a couple, Andrew and Rebecca, saw a post on Facebook about June and decided to adopt her without even meeting her. Everything went to plan and they were approved!

When they finally picked her up there was an instant connection and apparently June is quite a “daddy’s girl.” She immediately claimed her new dad by snuggling into his arms. During the car ride home she even climbed up to his neck and refused to budge.


As it turns out, Andrew and Rebecca had two other cats that apparently weren’t very interested in June, but she was determined to hang out with them and was very persistent about playing with them.

Now they’re all very much sisters and love each other.


When June is not hanging out with her sisters she loves to go for walks with her family, it’s become one of her favorite things. All of the family loves June and cannot imagine their life without her. She’s made a huge place in their hearts.

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