Boxes Boxes Boxes! – Simon’s Cat

What is it about cats and boxes? Large boxes, shoe boxes, and even just items that look like boxes, cats find them irresistible it seems and they can’t resist squeezing into these cardboard spaces. Scientists say they haven’t fully understood why our feline friends have an affinity for boxes, but they have a number of theories.The most popular is that cats are instinctively drawn to boxes because they offer security and shelter from predators while they stalk their prey. They also offer a safe place to take a nap. Cats can sleep for 18 to 20 hours a day, so seeking out a hidden place would help their chances of survival in the wild.

Simon’s cat has a few ideas about boxes and here he is to demonstrate what they mean to him and what he does with them. From pizza boxes to tissue boxes to the classic flat pack box, this delightful animated kitty explains all with plenty of fun and lots of mess!

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