Cat Appeared and Helped Little Boy Mend his Broken Heart

Jonathon and Charlie the cat bonded immediately when the little human was born. They were inseparable and did almost everything together. Sadly Charlie passed away when he was 15 years old. Jonathon was already six and really heartbroken over the loss of his best friend, so was the rest of his family.

In fact, ever since Charlie died Jonathon had been pleading with his parents to get another cat, but they weren’t ready to accept another kitty into their lives, they were still getting over the loss of Charlie.

One day Valerie, Jonathon’s mom, spotted an orange cat who showed up out of nowhere. It was easy to tell that he was friendly so she just sat there and soon he jumped up onto her lap. The two of them enjoyed their time together for about an hour when a car passed and scared the ginger kitty away.

Two days later the cat returned so Valerie decided to introduce him to Jonathon and he was extremely happy to have met the friendly cat. Soon the cat began to visit almost every day, to say hello and play with Jonathon. The cat seemed healthy and was in good condition so Valerie suspected that he was not a stray and had a family to go home to.

So Valerie bought a collar put a note on it saying I love your cat and put her phone number on it saying that if you owned this cat please call. It didn’t take long for the owner to give her a call. “She is a 69 year-old neighbor on the next road over and was so happy that her cat Garfield had made new friends,” explained Valerie. “He showed up as a stray over a decade ago so the lady adopted him. He never lost his stray habits and liked to spend most of the day outdoors.”

Valerie believes that Garfield was sent by her cat Charlie to keep Jonathon company and bring the joy of a cat to their family. They intend to adopt another cat at some point but are waiting for the right time.

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