Cat Can’t Accept The Reality Of Being Abandoned

The locals who feed her decided to bring a vet with them so she could have a check up. They discovered that Nabi is around two years old and actually a male kitty! He also said that the way Nabi always comes back even after running away from people’s touch means he was raised by humans. The weight gain was due to all the people that were feeding Nabi, he never refused food. Sadly it was obvious what had happened, Nabi had been left there by his humans, abandoned. He was waiting for them to come back and get him. The vet explained that this can often happen as a cat has no way of knowing which way to go when there is no scent for them to follow, therefore they wait in the same spot for someone to come and get them. Sadly they do not realize that they’ve been abandoned. This is the case with Nabi, he stays there even when it snows, waiting with the hope that he will one day be reunited with his owner. These caring people knew that something had to done to give Nabi a better life.

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