Cat Can’t Handle The Weight Of It All


When the world’s just too much: your alarm goes off late, you look at your news feed, and it all seems so hopeless. You don’t want to go to work, because you don’t want to deal with anyone. You’ve gotta pay your bills, but it’s still all too much. So you decide to get some “me” time to get away from it all, maybe reconnect with nature, but there’s too much rain and allergies – it’s all just too much!

These are just some of the imagined ramblings of Wilfred Warrior, a Chinchilla Persian that resides with his humans in London. His pedigree name is Fearless Warrior but his human mom prefers to call him Wilfred. The crazy look on his face has made him immensely popular, and, despite his odd looks, he’s been winning hearts all over the internet.
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