Cat Decides To Live In Sink When Owner Fosters A Dog

While working at The Dog Café in Los Angeles, Jinny had decided to foster a rescue dog, Archie, that had arrived there the week before. She knew that this could prove difficult with her cat, Bambi, who wasn’t keen on having other animals in the house.

When she arrived home with the dog, Bambi stood motionless and just stared, then she ran away and tried to hide in a closet. Before long she realized that the closet probably wasn’t the safest place to hide, Archie was very playful and wanted to interact with the kitty but Bambi was having none of it, jumped up into the sink and remained cautious. It wasn’t until Archie’s last day at the house that Bambi began to soften towards him. Jinny couldn’t believe it and hopes to be able to foster Archie again – this time maybe Bambi will soften enough, to jump down from her high place and actually play with him. We all live in hope!

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