Cat Elected Mayor Of Alaskan Town Passes Away After 20 Years

In 1998, Stubbs the cat was elected mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska and has served as the town’s mayor ever since. He first came to office when the residents of this small town were unhappy with their choice of candidates and began campaigning to elect Stubbs as a write-in candidate. he gained the support of 900 residents and so his honorary position began and he faithfully served his people for 20 years.

After two decades of public service, Mayor Stubbs passed away surrounded by his loved ones, his family released this statement: “Stubbs was a trooper until the very last day of his life; meowing at us throughout the day to pet him or to come and sit on the bed with him and let him cuddle and purr for hours in our laps.” Mayor Stubbs legacy lives on as Denali the cat, who lives with the same family, is following in Stubbs paw-prints and will soon be taking over the position.


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