The Cat House of Horrors

Chris Poole, who is Cole and Marmalade’s human dad, is on a mission to help a group of cats that have abandoned in a house, he explains: “This is what happens when you let your cats reproduce, get overwhelmed and then abandon them. A friend of mine who’s been working in animal rescue for many years was notified of this situation last week… I don’t want to go into too much detail right now, just know that we are working together with other cat rescuers to get these cats out of this house ASAP!”

“We have already raised what we think is enough money for vet care and supplies via a GoFundMe page, what we really need immediately is to locate a space where we can temporarily house these cats, while we get their fleas under control and can get them the vet attention they so desperately need.”
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Click here to see Amazing Footage of a Crow Caring For an Abandoned Kitten!

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