Cat Left Outside Shelter Got Buried in Ice and Snow

When volunteer Donald was on his way to Happy Tails animal shelter, he spotted a plastic cat carrier almost buried in the snow. He instantly rushed over and started digging the carrier out, that’s when he spotted the little grey kitten.

As she emerged from the carrier, he realised that she was covered in chunks of ice and snow. Thankfully she didn’t have any injuries, but she was freezing cold and of course very wet.

It’s unsure how long this little kitty had been waiting in the snow for somebody to rescue her, but she is lucky that the carrier was still visible from the road when Donald drove by.

After her miraculous survival, the rescue team decided to name the cat Winter. Now that she had warmed up and eaten, her wonderful personality began to shine through.

“Winter is very outgoing, funny, and full of personality, ” said Donald. “She loves rubbing her head on things and walking around her room.” She is now in a warm place being looked after by caring people and will never have to worry again about whether she’s loved.

She shares her space with Luna, another kitty that was rescued from a similar situation. He was found by the mailbox of the shelter with frozen paws.

It’s good that they have each other’s company and soon they will both be adopted into loving, forever homes.

Happy Tails is a limited-intake, no-kill facility that shelters/cares for stray/abandoned dogs and cats. You can support them via:

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