Cat Mom Waits For Rescuers To Save Her Kitten

A newborn kitten somehow managed to get stuck in a pipe, mama is there straight away but she cannot reach her baby as he has crawled far too deep. Having just given birth she is very worried about what might happen. Luckily help was not far away and two young men see if they can reach the tiny kitten while mama looks on protectively.

They can hear him but they can’t see him so one of them put his arm in as far as he can but the kitten is too deep. More drastic action is needed so they very carefully begin to cut the pipe open, making sure that they do not harm the kitten in the process. It’s a lot of work but they finally manage to get the little kitten out and they can’t wait to give him back to his mama. It’s so admirable and inspiring the lengths that some people will go to save an animal. Great job guys!

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