Cat Proof Christmas Tree!

Here’s a very cute video of Shorty and Kodi messing about in their Christmas tree and all the decorations. If you don’t know them, Shorty and Kodi are a big deal on YouTube.

I know that we have all seen this happen every Christmas and cats do go wild for all the decorations.

But, there’s a serious side to the video as there are a lot of dangers for cats with Christmas trees and decorations. A cat proof Christmas tree will help avoid any problems at this festive time.

You should make sure that you cat-proof your tree and decorations as much as possible and there’s a few key things to watch out for. There’s a few points about this under the video if you watch it on YouTube and this post at Pets4Homes covers some good advice.

But, don’t forget to let them have fun – just take care.

There’s 5 famous cats doing an all star Christmas special here to keep you in the festive mood!

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