Cat Rolls In Glitter And Looks Absolutely Fabulous!

This is Salem, beautiful black kitty that really loves hanging out in the bath tub. Salem’s human, Amanda, had taken a bath one night with a “Lush intergalactic bath bomb”, which are very pretty, but also very messy.

This particular bomb was filled with glitter and when Amanda had emptied the tub after her bath she noticed that it had left a residue all over. Before she had a chance to rinse it all away Salem jumped into the tub and started rolling around, very much enjoying himself.

Well you can imagine what happened next, Salem was completely covered in glitter and he looked absolutely fabulous! Now it was Salem’s turn to have a bath which Amanda says he didn’t enjoy too much but she did manage to get most of the glitter off him!

Click here to see a great video of cats who love bath time!

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