Cat Sees Video of Owner Who Passed, What He Did Next Will Melt Your Heart

It has been said that cats are selfish creatures who show no affection and think they’re better than their owners, unlike dogs who’ll be waiting at the front door to greet us, tails wagging, when we get home at the end of the day, cats often seem, well, indifferent.

But did you know that this is just an act?  A recent study has showed that cats prefer the company of humans to food, catnip and the smell of fellow cats.

This video is also proof that cats are compassionate, caring and become attached to their humans. Kitty has been presented with a video of his human who had passed away some time ago, not only does he stare at it intently, he then lays down upon the phone for a cuddle.

I felt that this kitty really misses his human and the moment really touched my heart.

Click here to see a cat that misses his human when he’s not at home

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