Cat Wakes Up Family After Her Owner Has A Heart-Attack

A girl thought that her family cat, Shotzie, would never do anything so heroic.

Recently, her step-father had a heart attack in the home where they all live together. He was getting ready for work early one morning, he usually leaves the house around 4am, it is believed that after he fed the cat he was heading for the door and that was when the attack happened.

Shotzie immediately ran into the bedroom and jumped up onto the bed, pounced on his wife’s head and let out the biggest roar in the hope of waking her up.

The cat had never made a noise like this before so it was obvious that something was wrong. When she got out of bed she found her husband lying on the floor.

She applied CPR but she couldn’t get a response from him. An ambulance was called and he arrived at the hospital in the nick of time. If it wasn’t for Shotzie he would have surely died. What an amazing and very caring kitty.

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