Cats and Milk

So, after I posted that image of a kitten drinking milk from a baby bottle, I remembered this video.

Every time we show a picture of a cat drinking milk we always have lots of comments about whether it’s safe to give your cat cow’s milk or not.

The short answer is not really. Read this article from WebMD that sets out the veterinarian and nutritionist opinions. Basically, innate lactose intolerance in grown cats means that they may well have trouble digesting milk and it will cause diarrhea. The opposite of cat foods for diarrhea control!

That said, in many cats, milk as an occasional treat is not a problem and they will have no ill effects, but it’s important to note that your cat has absolutely no need for milk as it is not part of their natural diet.

As with all cat dietary requirements, it’s best to give your cat only specifically made and nutritionally balanced cat food – but don’t fret about the occasional sensible treat!

Anyway, on to the video which popped back into my mind because of the discussion of the milk. It’s a commercial for a UK milk brand from a few years ago – and it’s funny!

If you want to see a cat that really has that thumb (the ‘polydactyl’ cat), watch this.

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