Cats Fall In Love After Seeing Each Other Through a Window Every Day

Cats Fall In Love After Seeing Each Other Through a Window Every Day
Simon and Theo are two cats that spend a lot of time staring at each other through their respective windows every day. When Simon’s mom noticed this, she decided to leave a note on the window for Theo and kept everyone updated with the two cats on her Twitter account. Before long, she had a lot of people following their progress.

The cats would stare at each other every single day, so the neighbors opened both their windows so that the cats could talk to each other, could this be love? Their parents thought it was so they decided it was time for Theo and Simon to meet in person. Simon followed Theo around like a little puppy but Theo was a bit nervous which is normal behaviour for a cat in a new environment. So their next meeting was to be Theo’s home to see if he felt more comfortable in his own space. But then Simon got scared and went to hide under the couch, so Theo ever so gently went and sat with him. It may take a while but I think these two will soon be great friends.
You can keep up with Simon on Twitter  and  Theo on Instagram

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