Cats Kissing Their Humans to Show Their Love

I have always believed that cats show their love by first making eye contact and then slowly blinking. This is their way of showing trust and affection, in other words, love.

You will have noticed that cats are always licking themselves and other cats, so when your kitty gives you a lick, or plants a kiss so to speak, it’s a good indication that they care about you. While it’s not the same as a romantic kiss that two humans would share, a kitty kiss is definitely a sign of affection and attachment.

That’s why it’s always such a joy to watch compilations like these, seeing cats showing affection to their human and not being aloof and indifferent like we are lead to believe. Our kitties are capable of love, and even though they are not so open about it as dogs are, they are not afraid to show their love when it really counts. If a kitty kisses you, consider yourself lucky!

Of course, then there’s the lick and a nip that leaves you asking ‘why does my cat lick then bite me?‘!

Click here to see a funny compilation of cats knocking things over in a very deliberate manner!

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