Couple Rescues Cat Stranded On Mountaintop

Bill and Mary Ann are avid hikers. One day they heard a story about a domestic cat that was all alone on the top of a mountain, they decided that they wanted to help and would try and rescue the kitty.

They had no previous experience in cat rescue but knew it was the right thing to do.


So one morning at 6.30 they set off, it was a 6.2 miles round trip and they were climbing to a height of 1,500 feet. It had been raining all week but they were determined to get kitty down the mountain in the same day.

They arrived at the viewpoint where the cat had been seen but he was nowhere to be seen. There was another group of hikers up there and one of them said they had spotted a cat and pointed Bill and Mary Ann in the right direction.


Bill set up the cage trap in a probable place so all they had to do now was wait, but they didn’t have to wait long because about three minutes later they heard the trap snap shut.

This caring couple were so pleased, they thought they would be spending the whole day up there waiting for the cat to take the bait. They decided to name the cat Elgee and couldn’t believe how calm he was coming down the mountain.


After having a thorough examination the next decision was do they adopt or foster? Well, it didn’t take long to decide and Elgee is now part of the family.

He was very shy at first and didn’t move around much, always finding quiet places to hide but after a while something just clicked as if he decided: “okay, I think these humans are alright now” and he became a loving interactive kitty.


I think Bill and Mary Ann are so happy to have made the rescue because they adore having Elgee in their lives.

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