Couple Saves Cat After All Four Paws Got Frozen in Ice

A couple discovered a cat under their car that was unable to move because his paws had frozen in the ice. They realized that the cat had thought he’d found a warm place (the temperature was -35ºC) and they knew they had to help him.

They moved the car and fetched a bucket of warm water to help free him, in fact, it took 7 buckets of warm water as the poor kitty had a blanket of ice all over him, even his whiskers were covered in frost. which is no surprise

It took 10 minutes to free him from the ice and he stayed perfectly still, he knew these kind people were trying to help him. he made a speedy recovery and three days later the couple found a woman that was willing to adopt him.

His new human mama posted a video to show how well he was doing. She says he loves his new home and spends time running and jumping about the house.

*Please remember folks, if you live somewhere that has such cold temperatures, check under your car before driving away.

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