Cutest Tiny House Panther

We’ve been watching the delightful videos of Cat Man Chris with Cole and Marmalade for some time now, well here’s a throwback to when Cole was just a tiny kitten, isn’t he adorable? I especially love it when he does his “stick ’em up” routine.

Chris says: “SOOO Awwwdorable! … Something we were unaware of at the time is that you really shouldn’t let kittens bite you too much when you’re playing with them as this can lead to behavioral problems when they’re older. Re-direct their attention towards a toy so they don’t get into the habit of savaging you! … We never had any issues with Cole, but some cats in shelters have been put there by their families because they bite too much.” Great advice from our favorite cat man!

Click here to see more of Cole and Marmalade!

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