Deaf Kitty Has No Idea How Loud She Is!

Meet Clarabelle! She’s a beautiful kitty that was rescued from a dumpster as a kitten and now lives in a loving home with her human, Cristina.

With her pure white fluffy coat and two different colored eyes she’s a joy to behold, but sadly she is deaf. But this doesn’t stop her greeting Cristina when she gets home from work every day.

Being 100% deaf, Clarabelle has no idea how loud she is, and oh boy is she loud! But in my eyes it just shows how much love and devotion she has for her human and I think it’s really cute and funny.

Cristina thought so too which is why she put together the hilarious moments of Clarabelle’s excitement and put them in this lovely video.

Click here to meet a cat that puts on a sad face every time her human leaves the house!

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