Didga the Cat and Her Doggy Friends Get Happy!

Didga the skateboarding cat lives with dog trainer Catmantoo and after these lovely dogs have finished their training they get treated to a day on the beach and Didga always go with them.

Catmantoo aka Robert Dollwet tells us: “Didga joins me everywhere and loves riding in the car, at times she is very “dog like” sticking her head out the car window as we drive down the road, riding on my stand-up paddle board or enjoying a little swim. Most cats don’t like being in water, BUT when she was young she didn’t react too negatively to water, so I took on a HUGE challenge of ‘desensitising’ her even more to the water. FYI – It was several months of patience and dedication to achieve what you see in the video. I’m a professional animal trainer so PLEASE don’t try getting your cat to swim at home.”
What an extraordinary cat!

You can see more of Didga here!

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