DIY Outdoor Cat Shelter

If you have stray or feral cats living near you, here’s a great way you can help them stay warm this winter. Chris Poole, Cole and Marmalade’s human dad explains:

“It’s winter, here’s how to make a feral/stray cat shelter – There’s so many different options when it comes to building an outdoor shelter for cats, this is the simplest and easiest out there…. I’m not saying this is the best, but it’s more than adequate to keep some feral/stray kitties warm this winter!”

*Other tips/options/considerations for this type of shelter…
1. You can use a hairdryer to warm the plastic up before cutting out the holes to make it easier
2. You can use styrofoam or insulation board instead of straw
3. ALWAYS use straw and not hay! – Hay soaks up moisture which makes the shelter cold and can also get moldy
4. You can add a second entrance/exit to the shelter if you’re worried about predators in your area, I chose not to since this cuts down on the insulation of the shelter a lot
5. You can add plastic flaps to the entries/exits to help keep drafts out

There’s loads more shelter options you can check out here:… — The most important thing is to purrlease DO SOMETHING if you know of any feral or stray cats in your area that could really use a shelter this winter to keep warm… if I can make one with “help” from Marmalade, I know you can too!

*I made this shelter for a local colony and when I was buying the storage containers I figured for just a few dollars more we could make this super sized version and provide shelter for a couple more cats… Not all feral/stray cats will share a shelter however, but colonies that live together should.
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