Family of Kittens Almost Thrown into the Trash – We Got There Just in Time!

Hope For Paws are a non-profit organisation dedicated to rescuing animals in need.

One day, a young girl sent them a text telling them about a young mother cat and her kittens that were living in an abandoned old couch near where she lived.

It was over an hours drive to the location so they set off straight away, time could be of the essence in this situation.

On arrival they quickly spotted the young ginger mother so they put out some tuna to lure her from the couch and make her feel at ease.
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The young kitty quickly ate the food and returned to her litter, this gave them the opportunity to set up a trap. All went to plan and the young mother was safe and in the trap, now it was time to concentrate on rescuing her family.

They still hadn’t seen the kittens and didn’t know how old they were, so they set up some fencing around the couch to stop them from jumping out and running away.

They soon managed to pull the first kitten out of the couch, and oh boy was he a cutie.


Before long they had rescued the other three and were now all safe in the cat box. It was time to take them to the clinic for some medical attention.


Watch the video:

Once at the clinic the kittens were all given names, Todd, Ella, Patty and James. The mother cat they named Kimberly. It was time for some medical attention as three of the kittens had eye infections, luckily nothing serious.

It was such a lovely moment to see Kimberly reunited with her babies in a safe environment.

The rescuers were so happy that they got to the couch before the trash collectors, otherwise this family’s story would have ended very badly indeed.

The whole family are now being fostered together and once ready will be put up for adoption.

You can find out more about Hope For Paws or make a donation here

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