Feral or Friendly? Rescuing a Sick Street Cat

One day the folks at Flatbush Cats realized they had a visitor when they checked their back yard camera. This stray kitty had decided to take up residence in one of their winter shelters. There was already a colony of feral cats living there, they just didn’t want to live indoors but they had all been spayed or neutered. It was thought strange that he was welcome because usually this colony of cats didn’t tolerate visitors, they even let him share their food. Then he was given a name: Julius.

“Julius appeared outside looking for food, but wouldn’t come near me for days. I had a feeling he wasn’t feral – hopefully he was just a shy stray cat who needed some TLC. But first I needed to trap him to provide medical attention.” This video is his journey from the streets to living a VIP life.

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