Foster Mom Mimics Cat Mom to Help Abandoned Kittens Survive

Laila loves to foster orphan kittens and one day she got a call from a friend asking if she could take in two newborn kittens that she found in the street. Of course Laila was going to say yes.


She prepared a box for them which contained a heat pad (because newborn kittens cannot regulate their temperature) and a stuffed animal that had a heartbeat. This makes the kittens think they are snuggling against their mother and therefore feel more safe.



Leila knows how to help newborns feel more comfortable, she mimics their mom washing them by gently stroking them with a soft toothbrush, she feeds them with a bottle every two hours and of course cleans up any mess that comes out the other end!



The two kittens, with all the love and attention they were getting from Laila, went from being oh so tiny and frail to being playful and feisty, Laila could see their personalities begin to shine through.


Chaos ensued as the two kittens would follow her everywhere and try to climb up her. She had bought them a cat tree but they both decided they preferred to climb up their foster mama. I love to climb onto her shoulder and lick her hair, a true sign of love.

Watch the video:

It’s so heartwarming to see how far Bob and Nox have come since they were found abandoned in the street. The siblings may have very different personalities but they are totally devoted to each other.

Then Laila knew somebody that was going to New York and was willing to take the cats with her, this would give them both a chance at a better life and so off they went. Laila regularly receives videos so she can see how they progress, she just feels happy that she’s given them a chance to have a different life from the one they would have had if they stayed in Kuwait.

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