Fuzzy Kittens Help Each Other Learn To Walk

Shelby has been a foster mom to many kittens and when she was browsing Craigslist she saw an ad for two special needs kittens that were being given away. After making contact by email she was sent a video of how they were moving and decided that she was the one to help them.

When Haiku and Sonnet arrived at her house she saw that they used their little legs like flippers and managed to tear around the place getting up to all sorts of fun.

Their nonstop antics made Shelby laugh and instantly stole her heart, after taking them to the vet it was discovered that they both needed emergency surgery to give them a chance of survival.  These delightful kittens then took Shelby’s breath away as she watched them improve and saw the way that they helped each other grow up strong.

You can follow Haiku and Sonnet’s progress on Instagram

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