Grieving the Loss of a Foster Kitten

Hannah Shaw aka Kitten Lady is a neonatal kitten warrior and she spends a lot of her time rescuing and fostering tiny kittens. She has some great advice if you are considering becoming a foster parent.

Hannah had been caring for a little kitten named Twinkle who sadly became very ill with pneumonia, unfortunately she passed away in spite of a great deal of effort to try and save her over the course of several days. It was a very hard experience to go through so she felt that she would make this video to help you deal with the loss of a foster kitten. If you are a foster parent, especially if you care for sick or neo-natal kittens like Hannah, it’s something that you are probably going to have to deal with at some time. But you should know that you’re not alone, these young creatures cannot always sustain life no matter how hard you try to help them. She explains that it’s the worst part of fostering and nothing can be said to make you feel better. Everybody deals with grief in different ways so Hannah is offering six pieces of advice for handling the loss of a foster kitten.

Click here to see the video of when Hannah first had Twinkle in her care

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