Guy Saves Crying Motherless Kitten and Raises Him into a Cuddlebug

When a man was heading off to work one morning he heard crying noises coming from his neighbors garage. “I was heading to my service van to go to my first call for work when I heard crying.” So he walked over and saw a tiny ball of fur wailing at the top of his lungs in some tall weeds.

He waited a while but the mother cat did not come back to retrieve her baby so he decided to take the tiny kitten into the house where he wife was. It was then that they noticed that the kitten still had his umbilical cord attached.


They quickly went to the store to get supplies and kitten formula so that they could start feeding him. After feeding the kitten quickly fell asleep, contented with  full belly. After a trip to the vet they discovered that the kitten was no more than a week old. Over the next few days the kitten opened his eyes and started to explore his new world.

“He’ll follow us everywhere and either hang out at our feet or sleep on our shoulders.” It looks like they are going to have a happy life together so they called him Jasper, little kitty had found his forever home.

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