How Attached are Cats to Their Owners?

Do we really know what our cats are thinking? Do they love us as much as we love them?

Or do they think of us as simply the providers of food and shelter?

Studies have found that cats form attachments to their owners in a similar way that dogs and even babies form with their human. They just don’t show it in the same way.

Internet cats Kodi and Shorty, along with their human provide some great insights on the subject in this ‘mockumentary’ style video:

To better understand your cat’s emotional needs, you must understand just how much your feline friend relies on you.

“The majority of cats are looking to their owners to be a source of safety and security. It’s important for owners to think about that. When they’re in a stressful situation, how they’re behaving can actually have a direct impact on their cats’ behavior.”

It’s also true to say that cats have an unfair reputation for being emotionally distant, especially when compared to their canine counterparts. Many people are disappointed with their kitties because they don’t wag their tails, meet them at the door or demonstrate in a way that humans innately recognize as showing their love.

In the end, as the saying goes, cats will be cats. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Another study shows that cats do in fact understand their own names — so if they don’t come when you call, they’re probably just ignoring you!

Click here to see a great collection of pics that shows us cats are totally capable of acting like jerks!

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