How Cats Say “I Love You”

Cats use their body to express many different emotions and feelings.
Did you realise that your cat is saying “I love you” to you, throughout the day in many different ways?
Whether it’s speaking to you by saying meow or purring, or by holding their tail in a certain way, their body language speaks volumes about how they feel about you. Even when you see them scratching the furniture it’s a sign of affection!

So take a look at this great video featuring those adorable kitties Cole and Marmalade, showing us exactly how affectionate our cats really are.
My personal favourite is the head bump, what’s yours?

See more great advice from Cole and Marmalade here!

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Cassie Hughes - January 28, 2016

My cat loves to "love bite" my chin and nose, she also wraps her arms around my neck when I don't give her enough love and attention after she jumps on my lap……

Carol Wenzel - January 28, 2016

Wow my Cats do all of those things to me everyday thought it was a GREAT Viteo Thanks for Sharing it xxx

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