I Followed this Limping Mother Cat and Found Her Whole Family in the Bushes!!

One day, a cat limping showed up in a cat friendly garden. This limping cat was clearly recently a cat mom and she was meowing loudly, it was obvious that she was very hungry and was asking for food. The man whose garden it was wanted to take her to the vet, but first he needed to know where her kittens were. This turned out to be difficult task as she always managed to sneak away after being fed.

After a couple of days he managed to follow her and found her whole family in the bushes. Mama cat and her five cute little meowing kittens were all living in a tiny space among the bushes! He returned with two cat boxes and the whole family had a visit to the vet clinic. The kittens were all in good condition and the mother was treated for parasites. Sadly, she had a fractured femur but the injury had happened so long ago that there nothing the vet could do as irregular bone formation had formed around the fracture making it impossible to correct. It was time to look for a foster parent to take care of them until they were old enough to be adopted. Let’s hope they all find their forever homes.

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