Indoor Cat Gets So Excited Every Time His Owners Bring Snow Inside

At six months old, Dibs was just another stray kitty living on the streets, until he met Nate Troy. He decided that Nate was going to be his future dad and just hopped into his car to go home with him. In fact, Nate is actually allergic to cats but felt he couldn’t turn this friendly kitty away.

After taking the kitten home, Nate and his wife decided to call him Dibs. The kitten got his adorable name because he “called dibs” on them when he decided to make them his humans.

His new family helped him to adjust to indoor life and Nate managed his allergies, but at the same time they allowed him to go outside every now and then. Once when he was outdoors, they discovered that really enjoyed playing in the snow.

“That first winter, Dibs played out in the snow for hours, frolicking, leaping, having the time of this life.” Nate had never seen anything like it. But even though they had decided that he was going to be an indoor cat, they still wanted to give him the same experience of playing outdoors, especially in the snow. So they decided to bring the snow to Dibs!

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