Jealous Cat Doesn’t Want Owner To Take Photos Of New Kitten

Madison Ellis is a junior at the University of Florida and is currently studying to be a veterinarian. She mostly cares for all her pets herself along with a bit of help from her mom whom she lives with.

The latest addition to the family is a 2 month-old kitten that she named Cinderella, or Ella for short. Madison rescued this kitten when she almost ran over her on a dark road one night.

Ella is a funny little cat and Madison says that she’s not scared of anything. She likes to chase the dogs around the house and often teases the other cats who are probably three times her size.

Because Ella is still very young, Madison feeds her special kitten food, unlike the other cats, including Jesus, who she describes as being very clingy.

Since Madison has many animals, she feeds the other cats in the bath tub to stop the dogs from getting at their food, but Ella wanted to join in and recently hopped up into the bath all on her own. Rebecca thought it was a photo moment but Jesus was jealous and all she got was a shot of a very angry kitty!

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