Kitten Gets Her Head Stuck In A Log

A couple from Vietnam found a tiny kitten that had got her head stuck in a log. They had no idea how it happened but knew they had to do something about it because the little kitty was trembling, she was obviously terrified. The only thing they could do was to chop around the log and hopefully set her free.

The next part of the story is a bit like a horror movie. The man had a very sharp hatchet and starting chopping at the wood, very close to the kitten’s body. But there was nothing to worry about as he was very skilled and delicate. But the sound was scaring the kitten even more, she started to wriggle further up the log and by doing so got even more stuck.

After a grueling 3 minutes they finally got one of her feet out and with a bit of pulling the head soon followed. What a terrifying experience for one so small and how lucky she was to be found by someone who knew exactly what to do.

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