Kodi Misses Me! What Does YOUR Cat Do When They Hear THIS?


We all love our cats, that’s a given thing, but sometimes it’s hard to tell if they love us too. Kodi, the black and white kitty in this video definitely loves his human, he starts to cry and seems inconsolable after his dad leaves for work. My kitties don’t do the same thing but I like to think they love me all the same.

Kodi’s human Rob, says: “Oh, the emotional life of Kodi. There really is no cat more Kodi-pendent than he. And, oh my heart at 2:55 when he keeps meowing and staring at the door! I’ve had so many comments that people’s cats start looking for him when they hear him in videos even when they don’t react to other video sounds. How do your cats react? Do you have an emotional dependent like Kokobean? Does anyone you know still not believe that cats can miss their humans, especially after seeing this?”
If your cats have reacted to this video or they do something similar, let us know in the comments below.

Click here to see Kodi and his brother Shorty in action!

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